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The Truro Curling Club was organized December 22, 1875, at a meeting held in the parlor of the Prince of Wales Hotel. It was situated on Elm Street facing the end of Queen Street and was so named in honour of the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII) who was a guest of the house at the time of his visit to Truro in 1860. The Curling Club used this hotel as a meeting place quite frequently during the earlier years of their history. 

The first matters discussed at the organizational meeting was a place to play, the nature of the game and it was agreed to get further information from the Pictou Club in regards to obtaining stones. On December 30, 1875 ten pairs of stones were purchased and the first game was played on that date at the circus grounds near the present entrance to Victoria Park. 

For many years only outdoor curling was available and devotees of the game encountered many difficulties in trying to find suitable ice on which to play. Snow had to be removed, stones had to be transported from place to place, and when playable ice was found it was often in poor condition compared to standards later obtained when enclosed rinks became available and especially with the invention of artificial ice. 

In the early days ice conditions governed the length of the rink, hence we find records of games being played on different lengths such as 36 yards, 40 yards, 42 yards, etc. In the early years, a "rink" or team consisted of four to seven players (usually six), and skips were chosen for each day's play. For some years the annual dues were $2.00 and in 1876 the Club had 14 paid-up members. 

At the Annual Meeting, March 22, 1886, a proposal regarding the building of a Rink was discussed. A meeting on May 3, 1886 authorized the purchase of the lot on Young Street, where the present rink now stands and at a meeting on October 14 the construction of a three-rink building was authorized. On November 12 it was resolved that the new rink would be used for skating as well as curling and thus the club was known as the Truro Skating and Curling Club. In August 1887, ten months after new construction, the rink was damaged by fire. 

During the early years, due to small membership and fees, the Club had financial difficulties in operating, as witnessed by the fact that in 1892 the cost of electric lights was considered excessive and they reverted to the use of oil lamps. That lasted until 1898 when electric lights were re-installed. In 1900 regular skating was discontinued and the use of the rink primarily given over to curling. However, there are periods up until 1965 where we find skating a few nights of the week in an effort to raise extra revenue for the Club. 

The ClubHouse

In 1907 renovations were made to the clubhouse section of the rink. In 1948 a new club room was built. In 1962 renovations to the first floor of the club rooms were completed and in 1993 the entrance and downstairs area underwent major renovations in anticipation of the upcoming Canadian Junior Championship. In 1963 renovations were made to the second floor club rooms to provide for upstairs viewing of the ice surface and a further extensive renovation and facelift to the upstairs clubhouse was completed in 1985. A fire in the furnace room in 1974 caused damage to the entire facility.

The Ice Shed

In 1929 the ice surface was enlarged to four-sheets by removing the plank walks at each side of the rink. During 1937 an artificial ice plant was installed, thus giving the Club regular and dependable playing conditions and contributing much to the growth of the Club. During the years 1941 to 1961 the Club purchased enough land to enable the construction of a five sheet curling club, six transactions in total were required to obtain 4160 square feet. In 1963 a new five-sheet ice shed was built and a new ice-plant installed. 1980 saw the insulation of the ice shed ceiling, upper walls and trusses and the facade of the building was improved with brick and steel cladding. During the summer of 1999 the exterior walls of the ice shed were covered with steel siding, enhancing the appearance of the building and at the same time provided a more permanent solution than paint.

The Stones

In 1943 the Club purchased 33 sets of matched club stones to replace the system of individually-owned stones. The stones were then replaced in 1957. These stones were reconditioned in 1973 as the running surface was considered oversized and dull and again in 1983 as the stones were "not quite satisfactory."

Women's Curling



The introduction of women's curling into the Truro Curling Club has a lengthy history. There were many attempts by the women to get organized between 1908 and 1960. Finally, after a 52 year struggle, the ladies were welcomed into the club. The first organizational meeting of the Truro Ladies Curling Club was held on November 9, 1960 and the Truro Business Ladies Curling Club was formed in 1968. On April 29, 1998 the two ladies' clubs and the men's club were amalgamated to form one Club.

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