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    Q & A Return to Curling Concerns –  2020-2021

    END 1--Q – Will masks be mandatory on the ice?

     A – NO - Masks are recommended on the ice by the NSCA, but currently not mandatory. However, masks will be required while moving throughout the Club. The only 2 places currently where they are not required are in the ice shed and while seated upstairs.

    END 2--Q – Will the TCC have a policy in place should we be forced to close ?

     A – Yes – we are currently working on an emergency shut down policy for both the club and its members benefit.

    END 3--Q – Will there be bar service?

    A – YES – We will continue to have walk up bar service. Patrons and staff will both be required to wear masks. Members may remove their masks once seated. Members will be required to remain at their tables until they leave.

    END 4--Q – Will teams still be made up as normal

    A – YES – Teams for regular league play will continue to consist of 4 players with the exception of stick league and doubles. The ice will be laid out for players indicating where to stand and we will be following the NSCA approved protocols regarding Return to Play. A full document will be sent to members once finalized.

    END 5--Q – How will TCC equipment be handled?

     A – Due to safety concerns and the associated cost of cleaning and sanitizing  equipment, we will encourage all our members to purchase their own equipment from the Broom Closet. Some temporary equipment will be set aside for new LTC members, rentals and beginning Juniors.

    END 6--Q – How will the Club be monitored?

    A – All TCC members will be required to follow NSCA approved protocols which include signing in and out of the Club, as well as following Covid safety  protocols which will be sent soon. These protocols are for everyone’s safety and we are hopeful that everyone will do their part to help keep all our members safe.

    END 7--Q – Will social distancing be followed?

    A – Yes - All members are to keep 6 feet apart which includes on and off the ice with the one exception – seated at your table after the game, in your 8 person bubble. Protocols will be coming soon for the facility and Ice Shed.

    END 8--Q – Will we have use of the lockers?

     A – YES – Lockers are available, however crowding in locker rooms is still a significant risk factor in the effort to control spread.  All members are asked to  come dressed to play and to limit your locker room time by simply changing your shoes and coat and moving out to make room for others.  Please be respectful of others. Masks and social distancing protocols must be followed in the locker rooms. 


     Our Semi Annual General Meeting will take place inside the ice shed on Tuesday September 29 at 7 p.m. SAGM packages will be sent out in advance.

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